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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 20, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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stand guard in front of the federal reserve building weeks, protesters occupied market street, most camped in tents. early on sunday
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officers cleared allen demonstrators handed their tense. the area is now empty and boarded with police barricades. the main encampment is still adjusting herman plaza and soaked after a night of heavy what is going on. >> not very many people feel safe. so many people do not realize what we are here for, this is not a slumber house, a feeding program or
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somewhere to just beat. we are all trying to be here, but we are here for a certain reasons. >>vicki: ag uc-davis on friday, a witness captured this video of an officer at first carrying protesters directly in the face. today, the chancellor placed the officers involved on administrative leave. the university faculty association said that is not good enough. members of the group want the chance or to step down. she says tomorrow she will meet with a protesters. this response comes after a silent protest last night. the chancellor and chief of police remained inside for hours as protestors quietly waited outside. >>vicki: and occupy oakland campsite set up on saturday have already been cleared by police, it happened at 19th and telegraph, a few blocks away from city hall. maureen
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kelly explains what happens. >>maureen: police squad cars are lining the streets while officers with riot helmets made their presence felt. the vacant lot was taken over by protesters on saturday. this video shows protesters taking down the chain link fence and these are some of the estimated 20 tents that were cut up. residents of the apartment building say they got very little sleep. >> it sounded like a race party. >>maureen: one resident says people who live here are made to feel unsafe. >> some expressed the desire to read the violence against their residence. they think we're living in what they think are a luxury condos. >>maureen: city public works crews were sent in to clean
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up a lot of. a small number of occupiers voiced their displeasure saying that they will reoccupied. >> it is reoccupy the world. we are going to make a change. people have been daydreaming a long time, we're going to wake them up. >>george: effective end of the mood at this occupy oakland site to. people are dancing to live entertainment. >> we are bringing like to the problems that exist but still having fun while doing it.
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>> we have seen police come and walking around and patrolling, they know what they're doing, they're going to read us. i have everything packed. whatever happens, happens. >> when the police come, we will be for cleared. >> this is the last encampment remaining. asked >> it is not about a location, it is about the overall movement. >> for now, as protesters will hang tight and test the patience of city leaders. >>brian: showers around the
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bay area and cool conditions. fifth we did manage to squeeze in some sunshine. here is storm tracker 4. here is a great are from the past three hours showing a few leftover showers. now, that is all out of year. we're of looking at rain is pushing into southern california. some locations into marin county is this another county received close to 1 in. of rain. >>brian: rain tomorrow and tuesday with mostly sunny skies. look for heavy fog especially in the north bay
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valleys. by wednesday, the storm will make a return to the bay area. look for rain coming up for wednesday evening. that could cause problems. rain and things getting day and breaks in sunshine. i will let you know more about a holiday forecast coming up. >>vicki: and dutchess crab season is underway. california's crab fishermen have not yet agreed on this season's crisis. they hope to have a final price set sometimes this league. last season was a prosperous fishing year. >>vicki: the san francisco 49ers faced the arizona cardinals today. they played it for a partial rain and cold wind and the 49ers took a 9-0 lead during halftime
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and never looked back. they had a 23-7 victory. the 49ers have run eight straight games. their raiders won their games 27- 21. their raiders were penalized 12 times. >>vicki: coming up, new york city's mayor talks about a terrorist plot foiled by police. so we will tell you why herman cain has secret service agents and we will find out how close u.s. lawmakers are designing a debt deal. the deadline is monday. what is the future of nasa? fourth earth some
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>> with a launch by blow all, al-qaeda or affiliates, there has been at least 13 previous surtax since 911 that have targeted new york city. this would be the 14th. because of such repeated threats, nypd remains focused on preventing another terrorist attack. we assign 1000 police officers to counter- terrorism duties every day. this is just another case where our precautions at all. >>vicki: authorities
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believed he was acting alone it is being held without bail. the gop candidates during the controversy, will find out why herman cain has secret service agents of the campaign trail. >>brian: snow in the sierra for today. almost 1 ft. of snow in the north star. more snow for the lake tahoe area. the forecast is coming up. some
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>> generally, it is a matter of threats. the secret service does not like to say that i am quite sure in this case there were threats just as there were with barack obama when he received rejection early on in 2007. there were not specific credible threats, but there were threats on the
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internet and white supremacist web sites. >> checking a handful websites, we found divisive comments about herman cain, but no threads theory these websites were far more critical of president obama than herman cain. the rules for getting sicker service protection are simple. the secretary of homeland security can authorize it after consulting with the speaker of the house and top party leaders in congress. we reached out all four of them, two of the 4, nancy policy and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell officers responded saying they did not discuss any aspect of security. that is probably out herman cain campaign should have handled the question that they did not. sid told the washington post that herman cain was getting secret service because of his intense media coverage. the campaign quickly changed its story and federal sources strongly deny that media coverage had anything to do with secret service protection. this service, again, would not comment.
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>> the art of war by security guards. they are there to prevent this insults or assassinations. i am sure that the secret service was a little chagrined to hear them describe the protection in that way. >>vicki: to this secret service is extended its protections a major presidential candidates following the assassination of robert kennedy in 1968. >>brian: a couple of days of nice weather. live at the bay bridge, the showers are out of here. we are looking at a partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures in the
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'40's and '30's. here are the rainfall totals from this weekend.
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>>brian: there rain it does is sell balance, by wednesday evening any chance for rain in the bay area that could make for some tough traveling as everyone heads to where they're going for thanksgiving. >>brian: on thursday, another chance of rain with a second system that could bring more showers and gusty
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winds. friday and saturday, we will return to nice weather. this >>gabe: today, we are here to talk about music. at google, digital music has become fundamental to many things we care very much about. google takes the stage at a president to unveil google music, the new music store set to take on itunes and amazon. >> google music is about discovering, of purchasing, sharing and enjoying digital music in new, innovative and a personalized ways. it is about the cloud, the web and mobile. >>gabe: google music is light and free for everyone to use. you can buy is--you can buy, store industry music. google is it is like google itunes, it is laid out much like ideas, a
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>>stanley: coming up, i close the book on this foreclosed property in antioch and show you which changes have been made.
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>>stanley: tons upon tons of trash that had been dumped at this location is now a thing of the past. the area in back of the rise that was used as a public toilet has
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now been cleaned and sanitized. the 55 gal. drums of unknown liquids have been identified and hauled away. the contents or petroleum based. somewhere between $30,000.40000 dollars, the location is now clean and sense of. >> it is really nice. i want to thank the city of antioch for cleaning it up. i greatly appreciate it and so will the town. >>stanley: she is referring to the deputy developer in this city of antioch. this sense code enforcement officers were cut off, he had to feel-just fill their shoes. >> this was a mess from one end to the other. now, it is as clean as it can get. it looks really good. >> i think you! >> i am jester in my job. >> that is good. >>stanley: i think it's safe to say this is a bright spot for the city of antioch.
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>> i think you're beautiful. they worked their butts off and then did a beautiful job. >>stanley: singh, antioch will be hiring a new code enforcement officer. maybe what happened here will be a thing of the past. to any city thinking about cutting code enforcement ice positions, what happened here should change your mind. >>vicki: months after the final shuttle launch, we will look at the future of nasa. susan current some of
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some of on flickr home on
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some of the but and what
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role >>brian: for tuesday, morning fog ended mostly sunny. clouds are on the increase for wednesday. it looks like right now, a gritty what thanksgiving day. we will talk more about that and give you a look at the sierra coming up. >>vicki: a monday deadline
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loans for the super committee to come up with a plan to cut spending. they need to slash 1.2 trillion over 10 years that that is not looking very likely. an announcement of no deal is the most probable scenario. >> the clock is ticking as the deficit reductions of the committee struggles to find a deal on 1.2 trillion in budget cuts. the first deal deadline is monday but the committee has until wednesday to vote. no final decision has been made. it is looking like there will not be one. >> the hope was dead even at this late date, you can take things that had been scored and put them together. it is pretty doubtful at this point but obviously no one wants to quit until the stroke of midnight. >> the deadline could bring an announcement that negotiations have ended. >> we are painfully aware of
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the deadline that is staring us in the face. we have 12 good people who have worked hard since this committee has been created. to try to find sufficient common ground. >> there will be automatic across-the-board spending cuts beginning in 2013 but members are hopeful that will not happen. >> i will be waiting all day carried out will be at the table, as i have been, waiting to talk to any republican. >> some politicians have other ideas. >> they do nothing option gives us six trillion in spending. >>vicki: i cal state students will pay 90 percent more intuition this fall. the state faces more tough
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budget decisions. dan kerman breaks down the connection between state budget cuts and tuition increases. >>dan: into the governor signed a budget with two of the 50 million in cuts for the university of california into the state university system. since almost 18% for uc and 22% for csu. this date could cut another 100 million from each of the two systems next month. what will happen next year and in the fall of 2012. there is no indication that the state will have any money for increased. the california state board of trustees has now voted to high tuition for next year.
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each undergrad will pay about five of dollars more for the year. so far, the board of regents has yet to hike to listen for next year but it has been discussed and still could happen. >>vicki: and 10 million in funding has approved to for cleared the site next to the great america theme park. voters approved a tax hike. the cost for that will cost about $987 million it should be completed in time for the 2015 football season. the city of millbrae is the third city to disband its police department. the sheriff will take over those duties.
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>> the san mateo county sheriff's from a will take over policing duties for the number of police department. as millbrae received input ended made their decision based on reports from other cities to. >> in the past year they have much response times by the sheriff. they have been excellent. the crime rate is down. >> the city estimates the move will save more than $1 million a year. as a community activist says the citizens of millbrae will not have the same voice when the sheriff's department takes over. >> we want to be able to give input that is not the same as having your own local department that is accountable to you in this part of your community. >> the mayor says the low was about money but that the current police command structure was unable to maintain itself. >> we wanted to combine san bruno and a milkshake police
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departments. the city of san bruno said there was not enough savings in it for them. a city manager said that are losing our chief we have to look for somebody else. the sheriff's department is expected to take rain after the new year. >>vicki: a question over deleted e-mail's and mitt romney, coming up we will tell you what critics say might have been in those electronic images and messages. just in time for christmas, the kindle verses the net. some of
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>>vicki: request have been filed from-just for e-mail's from mitt romney time as governor of massachusetts. here is a closer look at the situation. >> mitt romney campaigns
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launched the first attack blasting of a legal warning to the massachusetts governor. the chair of the democratic national committee scoffed. >> that is an interesting description. >> the last thing they want to do is run against mitt romney in the general election. >>reporter: it started with this boston globe article revealing that at the end of romney's term, a lot of his top aides fact purchased
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their state issued computer hard drive and the from the administration e-mail's or white from a server. the current--the current governor has been bombarded for its inquiries since the records and has an electronic record of any from the administration e- mail's. gov. patrick is a friend of president obama and is expected to campaign for him in 2004. democrats say the romney why it is unprecedented. >> he was planning to run for president towards the end of his administration. the public has the right to know what kinds of communication or going on while he was beginning to plan that campaign. it is absolutely inexcusable and unconscionable that the records of those conversations would have been wiped clean from servers. >>reporter: the romney campaign says it was legal. >> the obama it ministers
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and is large and that they will spend millions of dollars, is not a billion dollars, in order to hold on to power. they will say and do anything in order to hold on to power. in this case, they have activated the have to get ministration to do their dirty work. >>vicki: who is leading to the raised his face? why is now so worried about the future of space exploration? >>brian: a cold night on the way. temperatures in the low-mid-30s. a lot of fog to start things out, more about the monday forecast coming up.
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>>vicki: there is no concern about nasa's future. >>catherine: was this an honor or obituary to the u.s. space program. for americans these heroes were given for congressional medals. >>catherine: this was a long
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overdue in gesture. >>catherine: the russians at $50 million a ride are the only ones paying a price to go into space. >> the problem is, nasa, the public, congress, the nation, we were not very disciplined in developing the replacements for shuttle so that we would not find ourselves where we are right now. ft >>catherine: the budget cuts in changing directions is why nasa where they are now. four years away from commercial companies line astronauts to the space station. four years away from the first test flight of a new nasa locket--
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rocket. >> leadership is going back to the same people, but a different name. there are russians today, they were so be it then. we're giving it back. >>catherine: the chinese are in the space game as well. some believe there are ways to pass as but nasa remains ever optimistic, announcing it is accepting applications for its next astronaut class. >>brian: even on a great and gloomy day, this is still a beautiful sight. the hold he slid into the grand
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headlands. sunshine breaking through, those are ingredients for scattered rain those. is looking nice. right now, live on the golden gate bridge. partly cloudy can difference-assess conditions and temperatures: off. right now, 51 in san jose, mill valley taking in at 40. here is a look at north star, here are some pictures. last night out this note began in continues through the afternoon. good conditions foreseen in the shredding. the next couple of days will be nice. there is no coming up later this
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week for wednesday. increasing clouds with a chance of snow wednesday into thanksgiving. fog is beginning to fill in for the north bay. the fog should begin to drop and over the north bay after midnight. as the sun comes out, the fall will bird away. here is a look at what it charges will be. safe /+ /death mostly sunnyh
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